Have you ever had difficulty sharing your wifi password when someone needs it? In a digitally connected world, wi-fi plays an intrinsic role in our lives. It’s the single most important reason behind the relatively recent spurt in internet usage through mobile devices. Today, not just workplaces, but a growing number of homes, are also becoming wifi enabled. This post will explain in detail how to share Wifi password from iPhone to Android. Let’s start it!

The Importance of Securing Your WiFi Connection

The Importance of Securing your WiFi Connection

Wi-fi plays an important element in day-to-day life nowadays. A large number of people all over the world depend on wifi in their offices and homes to stay connected for banking, shopping, and lots of other daily chores. Securing Wifi connection today is an integral part of securing personal data. Wifi location tracking is important in many situations to track cell phone locations on Android as well as iPhone devices.

But along with the convenience of seamless connectivity that wifi provides, comes a degree of security risk with the network as well as in mobile devices that you must manage. The internet is rife with information on how to hack into your WiFi connection, and there are unscrupulous people who will do so with impunity, given half a chance.

It, therefore, becomes imperative for you to protect your wifi networks with a strong password. After all, the last thing you want is for a valuable resource that you are paying your hard-earned money for, to be pilfered or misused.

Apple Leads The Way

How to Share Wifi Password from iPhone to Android

Apple has always been seen as a visionary trendsetter in the world of technology and innovation. In keeping with this tradition, the Apple company was among the first to recognize and address the need for enhanced WiFi security.

Within the internet-enabled mobile devices space, Apple leads the pack in ensuring that its iPhones come with the very best built-in security features. One of these features is a total opacity to wifi passwords in iPhones that operate on iOS 11 or higher versions. This opacity extends even to the owner of the device – and the subscriber to the WiFi connection – him/herself.

Pros and Cons of Enhanced Security

Pros and cons of enhanced security

If you are an iPhone owner, this feature works well for you as a WiFi security measure. And as long as you are using your own iOS devices (which are automatically enabled to share the password amongst themselves) this poses no challenge in terms of accessibility.

Even when it comes to distributing your Apple iPhone WiFi with a friend, a co-worker, a client, or an associate, as long as they also have an iOS device, you can use the ‘share password’ feature to provide them with WiFi access. No problem.

The problem arises when you want to share your iPhone WiFi with someone who uses an Android device or a device running on some other mobile operating system. There’s no way for you to transmit or even text the password since you can’t even access it on your phone. Or is there?

How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone Using a QR Code

Visual Codes - Share Wifi Password from iPhone to Android

Follow the below steps to share your iPhone WiFi passwords:

  1. Locate your SSID: Open settings. Select ‘WiFi’. Here you will find the name of your WiFi network (SSID). Note it down as you will need it later on.
  2. Download and install ‘Visual Codes’: Visual Codes is a QR code-generating app that you can find on the App Store.
  3. Create QR Code: Open the mobile app. and enter the main interface. Select ‘Add Code’ then select ‘Connect to WiFi ’. Enter the name of your WiFi network (SSID) which you had earlier noted and your WiFi password.
    At this point you have the option of labeling the QR code/s you’re about to make. You can make multiple QR codes for ‘Home’, ‘Work’, etc. Finally, select ‘Create Code’ to initiate the process.
  4. Share the QR Code: Once the QR code has been created, you can share it with your friend straight from the app or save a screenshot of it in your gallery for future use.

Your friend can now scan the QR code you share with him/her using his/her camera. The moment the image is captured he/she will be able to access your WiFi network.

A Few More Ways to exchange WiFi Passwords from iPhone

1. Using the Google WiFi App:

Google WiFi App - Share Your WiFi Password from iPhone to Android
  1. Download the Google WiFi app. Launch it, once it is installed.
  2. Once the interface appears, select ‘Settings’, then select ‘Network Settings‘, and then choose your WiFi network.
  3. Now select ‘Reveal Password’ and then select ‘Share Password‘. You can share the password with your friend using text messaging or any instant messaging service.

2. Using the Tenorcare 4uKey Password Manager:

4uKey - Password Manager - share iphone wifi password
  1. Software is available for download from the official Tenorcare 4uKey Password Manager site for both Windows and Mac computers.
  2. Complete the download and installation process of 4uKey Password Manager.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  4. Launch the iOS Password finder and select the ‘Start Scan’ button.
    Wait till the process is completed.
  5. Now click on the WiFi tab and select ‘Export‘.
  6. Once the password is extracted you and share it with your friend via text messaging on any instant mobile chat messaging application.

Final Thoughts

WiFi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of accessing the internet today. It provides the convenience of any time anyplace and on-the-move connectivity through mobile devices. It offers high bandwidth and makes for a responsive online experience. And it helps save cellular data. Clearly, security measures need to be taken as we have discussed how to share WiFi passwords from iPhone to Android.

FAQs on Sharing WiFi Password:

Why is it essential to secure your WiFi connection?

It prevents hackers from your wifi network and reduces the risk of having unauthorized users access your private data.

Can you share wifi password from iPhone to Android?

There is no integrated way to share Wifi passwords from iPhone to Android smartphones. However, users can transfer their Wifi password with the help of a QR code generator.

Can iPhone give a hotspot to Android?

Yeah, users can share a mobile connection by turning on the hotspot or tethering on Android.

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