sony playstation 4 (PS4)

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is expected to hit US stores on November 15th, 2013 and the console is already gaining enough pre-orders and previews to make it the biggest gaming gadget ever. Sony admits to have worked on tracking both the controller and the face of a gamer at play and subsequently brings in several new technologies that could be the new big revolution in the world of gaming. These would include the long favored multi-player split screen, swapping of screen automatically when he/she moves right/left, divvying up real estate and much more. We have been hearing about these since the E3 presentation, but now it’s time that the real magic is revealed. European gamers will however have to wait till November 29th to get their hands on the PlayStation PS4.

For those following the E3 presentation, the new Sony PS4 will feature an angular design and is supposed to be constructed out of the same material as the original PS3 Slim console. While there is nothing too savvy about the design, it does have a slimmer presentation than the Xbox One.

Coming to the features, Sony will continue to offer online apps like Netflix, free games like Planetside 2 and party chat even without a PlayStation Plus subscription.  This new console will be able to directly stream games via PS Vita in a similar manner of switching between TV and Tablet Controller with Wii U. games will be wirelessly transmitted over to the Vita. The synergy will be compatible with all Sony devices including Bravia TVs, BD Players and Xperia products. This excitingly indicates that using a second screen with Vita will soon be possible.

playstation plusSony believes that the Playstation PS4 is the most powerful gaming console ever made. The console utilizes x86-64 x 8 AMD Jaguar CPU core and runs on single chip custom processors. The AMD Radeon next-gen graphics engine is surely great news for both developers and players. The Radeon 7850 graphics card packs an awesome 18 GCN units. This will allow the console to make best use of the raw power for the GPU. The PS4 is further fitted with an 8 GB GDDR5 memory which should enable lighting fast performance. Another spec that should grab the attention is the new PlayStation Camera fitted with wide angle 85 degree diagonal lenses. This would help differentiate between players and enable better console response.

Recently PlayStation has published a video on their YouTube channel unboxing PS4. Here is the video:

The PS4 is expected to be priced at $399 in the US and £349 in the UK. Subsequently, it will also be launched in Australia at a later date.

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