Chris is a food blogger who successfully running a WordPress blog since last couple of years. In last few months, his blog traffic rose by almost 100% due to sudden increase in recipe search trends as shown in below Google trends data:

Recipe search trends

But the irony is, his website stopped working due to different website errors as his hosting server was not equipped to serve this sudden spike in traffic. He end-up wasting lot of time to get his website back and also lost the possible revenue jump for couple of days.

  • Do you also running your WordPress blog and struggling with hosting related issues?
  • Do you want your website stay up 24 x 7 without worrying about those technical hosting related glitches?
  • Is your company struggling to migrate your data and applications to a different cloud environment?
  • Do you want to ensure the security and availability of your WordPress website and applications?
  • Managing a server for your business or customers is a large task, are you able to manage all the aspects in-house?

If you are struggling to answer these questions, managed WordPress hosting can help you. No matter whether you are small, large or enterprise WordPress user, managed hosting will ease your server management task with powerful performance. This article will help you understand what is an managed WordPress hosting service, its benefits, and the best managed WordPress hosting service providers. 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is nothing but the concept where hosting provider will manage all technical part of your WordPress hosting by giving you the best infrastructure for your WordPress website. This includes but not limited to website migration, daily backups, uptime lookout, security checks, upgrades, etc, managed WordPress hosting services play an important role.

The concept aims at offering an effortless hosting experience so you can focus on running your organization. Another important aspect is the technical support is provided by experts with hands-on experience in WordPress.

Benefits of Buying Managed WordPress Hosting Service:

There are many benefits of using managed WordPress hosting but some of the major benefits are:

  1. Day-to-day website maintenance is the responsibility of your hosting providers.
  2. Access to premium WordPress support.
  3. Offers better website security and optimum uptime guaranteed
  4. Performance improvements are usually indispensable features.
  5. Expert team who know what they are doing and will keep your website live by fixing technical issues and sudden change in WordPress environment.
  6. You get time to create quality content.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It?

It is purely depending upon how technical are you and the time you are giving to manage your WordPress hosting. I personally feel that, it is totally worth spending more on your managed WordPress hosting by considering the time and your efforts. Apart from this, they are also helping you in scaling up your plan without compromising the website serving may result in higher traffic and constant revenue.

Just take an example of Chris I shared at the beginning of this article. If he is running the website on managed WordPress hosting, he could have controlled the traffic and generated good revenue from those visitors. Due to downtime, not only lost the revenue but also lost the visitor’s trust.

Top 9 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers:

There are numerous hosting companies offering managed WP hosting for all types of websites. Here we tried to compile the list by considering relevancy and authenticity of the hosting providers. Let’s have a look into top 7 enterprise managed WordPress Hosting service providers, their unique selling points, and review their pricing models.

We will keep updating this list!

1. Cloudways – Managed WordPress Hosting:

Cloudways - Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways is a popular cloud hosting provider which is owned by Digital Ocean. 99% uptime, reliable security, and an expert team of technical support are what Cloudways offers to its customers. It is a budget-friendly cloud hosting service for a small and medium-sized organization. They are scalable to accommodate any business expansion of any capacity. Web hosting including security, developments, and upgrades and day-to-day functions are all taken care of so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Cloudways are a Platform-as-a-Service, meaning they offer their platform to facilitate you to manage apps hosted on their cloud servers. It doesn’t allow you to use cPanel or Plesk.

Unique Feature:

  1. It is a cloud-based integrator and this makes it a top choice among developers and owners of large websites with high-performance requirements.
  2. It offers you unlimited staging areas and URLs, so now you can test out new elements and make code adjustments without affecting your live website.
  3. SSD storage, built-in caches such as Memcached, Varnish, and Redis, and CloudwaysCDN are built-ins to optimize the page loading speed, particularly during high-traffic points.
  4. Assists you 4/7 via live chat and an online ticketing system. 
  5. Cloudways offer loading speeds that are 40% to 50% faster compared to regular hosting services. It is known for reliability and speed.

Cloudways Pricing:

Cloudways Pricing

The customers can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the plan at any time, the billing is calculated by the hour, furthermore, the customer only pays for what they use.

2. FastComet – WordPress Enterprise Hosting:

FastComet - WordPress Enterprise Hosting

If you are looking for low cost and reliable managed WordPress hosting, FastComet is popular option for you. They are offering all different types of hosting that not just includes managed but shared hosting as well. Here is the list of various hosting services offered by FastComet:

  • Cloud VPS
  • Dedicated CPU Servers
  • WordPress managed hosting
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento and
  • OpenCart hosting plands

Their pricing for WordPress hosting starts from $2.19. Checkout more details below

FastComet Pricing

3. Kinsta – Enterprise WordPress Hosting:

Kinsta - Enterprise WordPress Hosting

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is a reputed name in this segment. Specialized in WP managed hosting, they offers a powerful WordPress management tool, neat UX, speed, and scale advantages. With Kinsta managed hosting, your website is hosted on one of the excellent frameworks and that is Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to the above, it has a proficient customer support team that is well equipped with hands-on knowledge for WordPress development.

Other notable features are-

  1. They offers free SSL certificate using LetsEncrypt, its setup is a cakewalk.
  2. From the ‘Tool’ page you can –
  • Restart the PHP, 
  • Change the PHP engine, 
  • Enable/disable SSL,
  • Clear the cache.
  1. The custom WordPress plugin automatically clears out the cache whenever you publish a new post.
  2. High-quality Performing Servers
  3. Zero site downtime and no hosting related technical issues.

You can checkout this Kinsta review to find detailed comparison of their services with other peers in the market.


Kinsta Pricing

4. Accu Web Hosting – Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Plan:

Accu Web Hosting - Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

If you are looking for low priced managed WordPress hosting plan, you must check AccuWebHosting. Their plan starts from $3.99 per month includes all require features to run a WordPress website. Accu Web Hosting is into this business since last 19 years and offers various services which includes:

  • Hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • VPS solutions
  • Resellers services and many more

Let me take you through their managed WordPress hosting plans and features:

Accu Web Hosting Pricing

As you can see, they are offering three different plans from $3.99 to $7.99 per month (If you go with 3 years terms). If you go for shorter term, the same plan will cost you from $4.99 to $10.99 per month.

Plan Features:

Most of the plan are equipped with features listed below

  • FREE basic SSL certificate
  • Free Emails (You can create email ids as per plan you have opted for)
  • Free SpamExperts
  • Free migration from your old WordPress hosting provider
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Control panel (Cpanel)
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache plugin
  • FREE CDN (If you go for Professional ++ or Advance ++ Plan)

Apart from these, you can have all additional feature depending upon plan you choose.

5. Hostinger – Best WordPress Hosting Services:

Hostinger is one of the emerging hosting service provider company famous for their cheap hosting plans. Offers hosting, Email and Domain registration services, Hostinger can be best option for small / Individual blog owner.

Hostinger - Best WordPress Hosting Services

Hostinger offer 4 different plans in WordPress hosting which starts from $2.99 for single WordPress website to $9.99 / month for WordPress Pro (all these plan are valid if you buy 4 years plan all in advance).

6. WP Engine – Enterprise Managed WordPress Hosting:

wpengine Enterprise Managed WordPress Hosting

WPengines is one of the pioneers in providing the managed WordPress hosting services. Given the cut-throat competition, they are still the market leader in many ways with their broad name recognition and leading-edge features.

Why Choose WP Engine

There are many benefits of choosing Wp Engine WordPress hosting which includes:

1. Speed and Performance:

Features like additional plugins, custom theme files, plenty of images, advertisements, etc, combined with website traffic can delay your WordPress install.

WP Engine has custom built servers with exceptional caching and state of the art “stack” compared to a standard web host. Their trained tech support has in-depth knowledge of identifying the exact checkpoint to get your site to function.

2. Customer Support:

Since WPengine is a managed hosting service provider, customer support forms the backbone of their business. They maintain a variety of support channels and are highly efficient. With swift, easily trackable ticketing system and are omnipresent on the website via chat.

3. Security:

According to a survey by W3Techs, WordPress powers 30 percent of the web, which is great but also makes it susceptible to hackers and malware distributors. WP Engine’s powerful safety measures not only enable website protection but keep it running to furnish optimum performance. 

Security Measures such as Disk Write Protection, Disk Write Limitations, Disallowed Plugin, Proprietary Firewall, and User Enumeration together form an impenetrable protection system.


WP Engine Pricing

7. WPVip – Best Managed WP Hosting:

WPVip - Best Managed WP Hosting

This platform is specifically for large scale businesses and enterprises that have high-traffic websites. Direct all your energies to focus on other critical business applications and let WP VIP run everyday functions of the websites smoothly and simultaneously chalking out a plan for future growth- be it your user base, your project’s complexity, and the technologies of the web.

Top features:

  • Data centers are all over the world
  • Custom containerization enables the development teams to move quickly, station software efficiently, and operate at an unmatched scale
  • Excellent response times
  • 24/7 operational support
  • Automatic maintenance updates and security patches
  • Hourly database backups with superfluous file storage
  • A dedicated central team to continuously monitor performance


WP VIP has not presented pricing information for its product or service on the website. You will have to contact them to learn more about their managed hosting pricing and offers.

8. Liquid Web – Enterprise Managed WordPress Hosting:

liquid web Enterprise Managed WordPress Hosting

A market player for over two decades, it is a hosting company devoted to web and cloud professionals’ expertise. It offers dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting, managed WooCommerce hosting, and much more.

Notable Features:

  • Speed-Liquid Web is developed on the most advanced technologies such as PHP7, SSL, and Nginx, so the speed and performance of your website are at optimum. 
  • Customer Support-A 59 seconds initial support response is guaranteed, on both phone and live chat. You will find a direct link to chat with a customer support agent on its website.
  • Security includes CDN (Content Delivery Network) and DDoS protection, daily or on-demand backups, and also provides Storage Area Network (SAN) and log storage.
  • Control Panel– Liquid Web offers a custom control panel instead of the popular cPanel compared to its competitors.


To begin with, They offer 14 days free trial and right now they’re also offering a 25% Introductory Discount for 3 months.

Their plans Spark, Maker & Builder are prices at $21, $47.85, $73.80 per month respectively. Further, they offer Producer at $147.60, Executive at $270.90 & Enterprise at $492.75 per month.

9. Bluehost – Managed WordPress Hosting:

Bluehost - Managed WordPress Hosting

Be it shared hosting, eCommerce hosting, WordPress optimized hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, Bluehost offers every web hosting service ever. Its smooth WordPress integrations and tools offer web specialists and micro-businesses a platform to build a good online presence.


  1. The prices are low, at just $2.95 per month Bluehost India offers one of the cheapest hosting pricing on the internet and the price is inclusive of-
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • Free domain registration
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  1. Another feature that Bluehost excels at is uptime. For three years in a row, it is keeping up to 99.99% of the uptime.
  2.  It is beginner-friendly and the Control Panel is easy to use.
  3. Customer Support is great and you can reach them via phone support, live chat, and even through social media support.
  4. It’s recommended by none other than WordPress as their official web host.
  5. It comes with a 30 days Money Back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with service, cancel within the 30 days.


Available now at a promotional price and renew will be at a regular rate.

Bluehost Pricing


All the above mention enterprise managed WordPress hosting providers are best in class and provides advanced features to sustain your WordPress website. Your choice will depend on the size of your business and the money you are ready to invest in. 

We would love to hear your feedback or if you have any thoughts on the above list. Also if you have any query we will be more than ready to help.

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