Are you web or a graphic designer? Are you associated with creative field? checkout these 9 best online color scheme generator tools that will enhance your color palette selection process and will save your lot of time.

Colors are one of the most crucial tools in visual communication. Whether you are creating an email marketing campaign or designing your website for the very first time, it is essential that the right choices in colors scheme selection are made. Even small hues can make a lot of differences. When website or graphic designers choose colors, the focus is beyond just the aesthetics. Each color and each hue is proven to trigger specific responses and create distinguishable moods, feelings and emotions. It is necessary that a designer understands the psychology of color to come up with the best decisions. The lack of experience however leads to the wrong choice in colors, consequently harming the end goal of the website itself. Also, not all designers are aware of the various color palette generator tools available to this end.

Before we discuss about tools, lets learn about the impact of colors on user’s buying behavior.

color infographics

According to, 84.7% consumers make their buying decisions based on the color of the product/package. A similar research reveals that audiences already make a sub-conscious decision about a product in the first 90 seconds of viewing. Interestingly, this assessment is based about 80% on color pattern. Colors improve learning, reading, comprehension and retention. Choosing the right color thus becomes essential to business success. The several situations where a designer would be looking for the right colors include:

  • Creating new website, graphic, image or Infographic
  • Research about color palette/scheme that will look good in the project
  • Looking to find the right color codes from existing images
  • Finding color code from existing websites
  • Creating Logo Design for client or personal use

If you are a web / graphic designer, architect or working in any field associated with color selection, here are ten such color scheme selection tools that you should look up to.



A popular color scheme generator, offers graphic designers an incredible platform to create, save and share unique color palettes. While there are hundreds of existing color schemes that the website suggests, you can also use the color picker tool to generate the nearest color schemes according to a background image. The website also allows precise customization of color temperature, hue, saturation, brightness, and other tools to get that perfect shade. This tool also has an iOS app and Chrome extension so use it wisely. One of the biggest benefit of this tool is that it provides you color code along with color name so it gives you something to remember while working on color codes.


adobe color

Adobe Kuler has graduated from being just a web based color wheel selection tool to a fully fledged theme generation tool called the Adobe Color CC. The tool allows designers to experiment, create and save color schemes/themes, with each set consisting of five different hues. Adobe Color CC is offered in both desktop version and browser-hosted version. What’s more convenient is that you can export your color schemes directly to the Photoshop application. It will also work with InDesign and Illustrator.

3. Pictaculous


Pictaculous is deemed as the easiest and quickest way of grabbing a color scheme directly from an image. What you will have to do is make a selection based on a background image and Pictaculous will generate color palettes based on it. The tool even lets you save color swatches and use it in any popular image editing application.

4. ColorBlender

color blender

Another easy way to create color palettes from images, ColorBlender allows designers to grab swatches, adjust the hues, and see in real time how a similar set of five colors is generated. The palettes thus created can also be downloaded directly into editing applications like Photoshop.

5. Color Wizard

color wizard

This will be perfect if you are looking into researching more about how color palettes and schemes wok on the web. To every color code, the tool generates the complimenting analogous, complimentary, split complimentary, monochromatic, triadic and tetradic choices. You also get to check five choices in every selection’s hue variation, tint/shade variation and saturation variation.

6. Color Hunter

color hunter

While it doesn’t look like much, Color Hunter can be a real help if you are trying to find a particular color in its perfect hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and curve. All you need to do is feed an image to the calculator and a color palette will be generated from it. You may now choose a scheme based on the image.

7. Hail Pixel

hail pixel

This color tool is for all the perfectionists out there. You will just need to feed a similar color value to the tool and it will calculate all the important hex codes that you will need. Hailpixel is also among the oldest of tools in this business.

8. Color Zilla

color zilla

While it started as a plugin for Firefox, it is today also available as a Google Chrome extension. ColorZilla allows for a raft of color related tools that include eye dropper, color picker, palette browser and CSS gradient generator. It’s of great use for all the new web designers out there.

9. Colrd


It’s more of a networking and social sharing platform for all the color addicts out there. You will be able to see the color palettes that others have generated and even contribute you own using the easy color generator tools. If you are looking for unique ideas, this tool would worth the time.

Working with colors not only requires a lot of creativity but also a though understanding of the audience thinking process and perception. One that looks good doesn’t necessarily communicate everything you would want to say. There is a beautiful science to our choice of colors! and these palette generator tools will help you to understand this science.