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9 Best Visitor Management Systems to Simplify Visitors Check-in Process


9 Best Visitor Management Systems to Simplify Visitors Check-in Process

Sara is a receptionist at one leading agency where she still handles visitors through traditional manual process. She always complaining about keep records of visitors entry and find it difficult to maintain records for future reference. Sometime she had to give extra hours to just maintaining records due to visitor rush during working hours. Where as Sophie is enjoying her work as a receptionist and never complained about her work even if she is handling more visitors at her office!

Surprised? You must be thinking how is it possible for Sophie to manage more visitors and its record fluently without spending more time? It is because of web based visitor management system she uses to manage Check-in process. In this article, you will learn about such web and mobile based visitors management software Sophie uses to improve her work and efficiency.

There are many visitor management systems available online but do you really know how it can manage your business at reception & lobby? Whether it is suitable for your needs or not? If you are in the search for the answer to these questions then you are at the right place. In this post we are going to cover each and every section of visitor management system properly and are also going to suggest you top 9 best visitor management systems out there for your business growth. So read on to find out and if you have any question or doubt, feel free to ask under the comment section, we will try our level best to resolve your issues.

Before discussing anything else, let’s first jump into what exactly is visitor management system?

What is Visitor Management system?

Visitor management system is a special kind of advanced web or mobile based software helps your to track each and every entry to your office or building. In other words, it’s a visitor tracking system. Visitor is one who is not the regular employee and it’s always helpful and essential for your office or business building to have such a system. Overall, this is a formal visitor registration system and tracking technology which works to track any visitors. It has variety of technology and options like visitor management kiosk, fingerprint reader, bio-metric system and many more.

Now the question is how Visitor Management System can help businesses to manage at reception/lobby? Keep reading to find out the answer. Here are the 6 productive ways of visitor management system which can assist your business.

  1. Tight Security
  2. Enhanced Productivity
  3. Trouble-free  audit
  4. Safety and health compliance
  5. Enhance your personal brand
  6. Simplicity

One point is clear that, it is beneficial to have a visitor management system. But, what are the options available out there? Which one’s the best? Let’s hit the nail and discuss exactly that. Here is the review of top Check-in software with updated pricing.

9 Best Visitor Management Systems

#1 CoReceptionist

co receptionist

CoReceptionist is an automated end to end visitor management system which offers easy access and smooth interface to the user with various avant-garde features. It offers automated sign in sign out registration process which always effective and time saving. The check-in software sends all the details via notification in your mobile or even email id which is very easy and simple.

This advanced visitor registration system comes with several interesting and advanced features like

  • SMS and Email notifications
  • Effortless and efficient visitor entry system
  • Visitor image capturing feature
  • API integration
  • Evacuation mode
  • Barcodes
  • Admin portal
  • Location directory
  • External system integrations

No doubt this is one of the best and highly recommended visitor management software that you can use for corporate as well as industry sector. This check-in software is suitable for construction, schools, hospitals, offices and many more. So what are you waiting for use it today and experience the rich facilities. As the technology keeps moving forward, there are also some great helpdesk solutions that can be really very helpful for your company.

You can get 14 days trial period for the check and after that you can use the premium version by paying price of just $25 per month.

#2 The Receptionist

The Receptionist Visitor Management System

The Receptionist is another top class visitor management system which is the first choice for many high profile business owners. This is a modern system which comes with several attractive features like

  • Automated visitor check-in
  • Delivery management
  • Customize visitor experience
  • Email, SMS and slack notification
  • Multilingual check in option
  • Message forwarding and backup

This visitor entry system is suitable for property managers, public administration and more. You can use this visitor management solution 14 days trial period for free after that, you have to choose any one plan from three and those are priced at – Basic which is $49//month, Premium $99/month and Pro $149/month.

#3 Envoy

Envoy Visitor Management System

Envoy is another popular and easy interface visitor management system you can use for your office or business location. This is a integrated advanced visitor registration & tracking system which comes with several useful features like

  • Host notifications
  • Document signing
  • Badge printing
  • Pre registration
  • Instant Visitors Image capture

This visitor entry system is suitable for manufacturing, education, government sectors, and more. Same as the above two, you can use this visitor entry system 14 days free of cost as trial period then you will get 3 different packages, that are – Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The standard and premium package costs $99 and $249 respectively but in enterprise package the company will create a customized quote for you with the price being according to your requirements.

There are tools to simplify every work for a company. If you deal with social media, you already know the hassels that a company faces. Here are some great social media management tools that can help you for automation.

#4 Proxyclick

Proxyclick Visitor Management System

If you are in the search of a user friendly invitation and fast check in visitor management system then proxy click is always the best option for you. This is an advanced visitor tracking system which comes with several eye catching features like

  • Customization
  • Smart rules
  • Multi language support
  • Instant picture capture
  • NDA
  • Fast check in
  • Badge Printing

You will get three mode of packages of this system like medium, large and enterprise. This visitor entry system can be suitable for government sectors, retirement homes, summer camps & more. The Medium and Large packages of this visitor management solution are $60 and $240 price per month and in the enterprise package the company will quote you the price according to your requirement and the numbers of location you want to use this system.

If you are interested in analyzing your business’s performance and want to get accurate insights, you can refer this Best Business Intelligence Tools that will help you out.

#5 Greetly

Greetly Visitor Management System

Greetly is another amazing and advanced visitor management system which is very useful for office as well as corporate sectors. This is a useful system which has many advanced features like

  • Cloud base fully succored visitors log
  • Notification facility via email, slack and SMS
  • High degree of customization
  • Unlimited check-ins
  • E sign legal documents
  • Visitors photo checkup

Talking about this cool visitor entry system, you can get three price packages like Essential, Pro and Unlimited and the price are respectively $69/month, $99/month $199/month (if you pay annually).

#6 HID global

HID global Visitor Management System

HID global is an automated check in visitor management system you can use in your office. This is a popular and trusted management system which is prepared with advanced technology and has many interesting features. Here are some of the top features you can get with this system.

  • Quick enrolment process with visitor check-in digital system
  • Quick picture capturing
  • Security identification
  • Visitors data analysis
  • Email and SMS notification facility

This check-in software is suitable for construction, schools, hospitals, offices and property managers & more. For the package price of this visitor tracking system you can contact their customer help line & they will quote you the real price after getting your requirements and other needful information for this check in software.

#7 Lobby Guard

Lobby Guard Visitor Management System

Lobby Guard is an advanced full line visitor management system which is fully automated and self service. When the thing comes to the features, you will get almost every advanced feature with this visitor management system like

  • Quick notification via email and SMS
  • Quick sign in process
  • Visitor Badge Printer
  • Image capture process
  • Automatic visitors data save
  • Easy customization

To get the price quote you can contact to their customer care executives and they would love to assist you with this check in software.

#8 I Lobby

I Lobby Visitor Management System

“I Lobby” is another leading visitor management system which can give you an easy, simple and highly secured interface. If you are looking for safe and efficient work environment for your office and business location then just go with I Lobby. I Lobby comes with several useful and advanced features like

  • Host notification
  • Legal & compliance
  • Evacuation mode
  • Visitor badges
  • QR modes
  • Smart pre registration
  • Multilingual

You can use this visitor registration system with three modes of packages – Free, Corporate and Enterprise. Corporate packages costs around $199 per month and enterprise package is always depend on your need so the company can give you only after getting the details of your requirement.

#9 Visitor Pass solutions

Visitor Pass solutions Visitor Management System

Visitor pass solutions also offer advanced visitors management system which can give you a secure visitor data analysis report within no time. You can use this visitor management software in your office and this check in software comes with several modern features like

  • Multi lingual
  • Quick sign in and sign up access
  • QR modes
  • Notification system via mail and SMS
  • Visitors photo capture

For price of the visitor management system you can call their customer helpline members and they will inform everything in details.

Final words on Visitor Management System

No doubt that there are several companies who are offering visitor management system and it’s always a tough job to choose the best one among all. Because every check in software has positive as well as negative aspects so when you are choosing visitor management system always understand your requirement and budget. If there is any system which meets all your requirements then go with it and yes never forget to do some research before go with any Visitor management system.

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