A URL or a Uniform Resource Locator is the virtual address of a file on the internet. Usually, URLs are long with many characters and numbers in them. This makes them confusing and hard to send forward. The solution? URL shorteners.

What Is URL Shortener & How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

URL shorteners do exactly what their name suggests; it shortens URLs. Your long URL is shortened to a few characters, and it still redirects to your desired webpage or file.

Among its obvious advantages of saving up space and saving up on character limits, URL shorteners are especially useful because long URLs might look suspicious and can create fear that they are spam. Another not-so-obvious advantage is that you can track your performance through a shortened URL, which comes in handy for analyzing your URL’s performance. If you have decided to use a link shortener for your business, let’s see a list of link shorteners along with its features & prices.

List of the Best URL Shorteners in the Market Today

1. Rebrandly (Branded Link Management):

While on the outside, Rebrandly might look like any ordinary URL shortener; there is something that sets it apart. Rebrandly allows you to customize your shortened URL.

Besides shortening it, the URL’s performance can be tracked using metrics like click-throughs, frequent clicking times, and demographic data too. All of these can be accessed from a dashboard.

Rebrandly subscriptions start at $800 per month and can track 5000,000 clicks per month, 5000,000 branded links, and 5 custom domains too. There is also a free version that tracks 5000 clicks per month, 500 branded links, and 5 custom domains. They also offer custom packages to suit your needs.

2. Bit.ly (Share Short & Powerful Links):

Bit.ly (Share Short & Powerful Links)

One of the most popular link shorteners on the market, Bit.ly allows you to create short URLs anonymously.

The first thing that draws people in is that it is simple and easy to use, and it has a comprehensive dashboard that lets you track statistics and metrics like click-through rates, geographic data, etc.

Bitly’s free account lets one customize their URLs and create up to 500 branded URLs and 10,000 unbranded URLs. It has three paid tiers at $8 per month, $49 per month, and $179 per month. These let you create 100 branded links, 500 branded links, and 3,000 branded links respectively.

3. Ow.ly (Share & Track your Visits):

owly url tracker

Ow.ly is part of Hootsuite. Ow.ly uses Hootsuite’s social media platform to track statistics for the URLs.

With the data gathered, Hootsuite has built an analytics tool that will let you find any information like the number of clicks, geographic locations, etc.

Ow.ly’s pricing is four-tiered, not including the free version. Prices start at $29 per month for the professional tier and can go up to $99 for the team tier.

4. T2M (Link Management Platform):

Link Management Tool

T2M also know is another link shortener service, which offers a full dashboard where you can track all your relevant statistics like traffic.

It also has another dashboard to track your URL’s geographic location by device and platform. T2M also has a feature that generates QR codes, if you need it. One unique feature is you can choose the geographic location that you want your URL to affect.

T2M has quite straightforward pricing tiers, a free tier, a standard tier at $9.99 per month, and an enterprise tier at $89.99 per month. While the free standard tier allows one custom domain, the enterprise tier allows ten custom domains.

5. Bl.ink (Free URL Shortener):

Bl.ink-Free URL Shortener

Bl.ink is an URL shortener that is Zappier supported.

Its dashboard shows all the general statistics while its analytics page allows you to dive deep into traffic by device, location, and also referrers. It can also show you clicks by time of day.

Bl.ink has 5 tiers, including the free version. Prices start at $12 per month for the expert tier, $99 per month for the SMB tier, $299 per month for the team tier, and $599 per month for the business tier. The business tier allows you to generate up to 500,000 links and track 60,000 clicks per link.

6. Clkim (URL Shortening Platform):

Quiet similar to Rebrandly with many similar features, the one differentiating difference is Clkim’s ability to create interstitial ads. This means that any link can be monetized and also shortened.

Clkim is the best choice for affiliate marketing and for bloggers and influencers to monetize any link they want.

The pricing tiers are $10 per month, $70 per month and $100 per month. Clkim also offers a trial period of 14 days.

7. Cuttly:

cuttly url shortener

Cuttly is a URL shortener software program which is designed to assist groups of all sizes to shorten, track, and optimize hyperlinks on a unified interface. The URL shortener platform permits administrators to install hyperlink expiration parameters primarily based on the variety of clicks and dates.

The monthly subscriptions start at $25 per month up to 5 Branded domains. However, there is also a free version that offers various custom packages to suit your needs.

It is one of the best link shortener software program additionally, it gives the customer real-time analytics, alongside statistics concerning social media clicks followed via way of means of each day and overall clicks.

8. Sniply:

Sniply URL shortener

Sniply is a perfect URL shortener tool that permits its users to share content and drive traffic back to their website with shortened links and personalized calls-to-action. With every link shared and you also monitor the audience. The basic subscriptions rate per month starts at $29 with 5,000 clicks. However, you can also opt for higher versions like Pro-Business and Agency versions that offer various custom packages.

Sniply allows you to make URL shorter and help you to design the perfect call-to-action as well as the ability to track, test, and interact with followers when content is shared. It allows you to monitor all link analysis metrics like conversion rates, clicks on links, and more.

9. Short.io:

Short.io is a custom domain URL shortener tool, which lets its customers shorten links on their own domain. It is made to improve the workflow of businesses.

Short.io is a URL shortener free tool that provides advanced features that allow businesses to take full advantage of link shortening. This URL shortener tool is available at a basic price of $ 20, check custom domains up to 10 and link automation up to 10000 Track the success of each short link and domain with detailed information (e.g. operating system, location, browser, top links) and real-time clickstream records.

Shorten, parse, and manage URLs with a free developer API. Add a shortening feature to your existing app or create a new one.

10. Tiny URL:

Tiny URL Shortener

Tinyurl link is a management application that allows users to modify and shorten URLs. It allows users to build branded, never-expiring shortened URLs. TinyURL generator can help businesses boost their digital efforts by creating bespoke. It is the best link shortener that builds customers’ trust. Its pro version starts at $9.99/mo.

Last Thoughts:

Whatever your budget is, there is a link shortener for you. Remember to choose the URL shortener that works best for you as per your requirements. This informative list should definitely help make your decision easier.

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