Do you know what people are writing about your brand online?
Do you know where you competitors are participating online?
Do you know how your audiences are reacting about your brand at social media?
Spend just 5 minutes and you will have answer to all such questions listed above!

Yes, I am going to show you the way to know all these information to stay ahead of your competitors and to watch your online reputation. Few days back, I came across a tweet mentioning a tool helps brand to track their brand mention online. As I love exploring different tools to enhance my productivity, I quickly signup with them and started exploring all different features. In couple of minutes, I was able to create my first brand mention campaign and I was happy to see the result. I tried different brands, key phrases and various other combination to test the performance and it it amazing. And the name of the tool is: BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a unique and next generation tool for every business to gain reputation management, competitor research and business intelligence. Monitoring your or your client’s mentions online is not just a matter of choice nowadays, but definitely a must. Whether you are working with a small business or a big brand you want to know who is talking about you and what are they saying, instantly, if that’s possible. With millions of web pages being created daily, keeping track to all relevant mentions might seem even impossible. And although there are products out there offering brand monitoring services and those tools don’t report accurate data as they don’t have the fresh list of web mentions.

[Tweet “You want to know who is talking about you and what are they saying, instantly, if that’s possible”]

BrandMentions appeared on the market to solve just this matter. It is an easy to use tool that helps you find all the fresh and relevant web & social mentions, about anyone or anything in a heartbeat. This tool is completely different then keyword analysis tool SEMRush and backlinks analysis tool Ahrefs. It stands tall with completely different business needs.

Having a lot of mentions of your brand on the web and basically earning media attention is a great asset. Yet, it is just half of the battle. Knowing where brand mentions come from and understanding which pieces of content drive a brand is the other half of the battle, and it is just as important as the first one.

By having access to a very wide mention database, BrandMentions allows you to do:

  • Media Monitoring
  • Competitor Spying
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Writing

Being a very user friendly tool, in just a couple of steps you can be connected with all the relevant mentions for you:

#1 Simply add any keyword you are interested in search box
#2 Refine your research by your desired criteria,
#3 Get your instant report on the monitored keyword and get notified when new mentions appear.

Let’s see BrandMentions at work while solving some of the digital marketers challenges:

#1 Monitor your Brand by Getting Relevant Web & Social Mention

When doing brand monitoring, one should be looking to both monitor and measure their brand on the web including social media. And although this is a task that is more difficult that it seems, BrandMentions makes things easier.

Let’s for example, we want to monitor the brand “SocialPilot”, an emerging social media scheduling tool. We can start by simply adding the brand as shown in below screenshot and we’ll get mention results in a fraction of seconds. It provides both; web mentions as well as Twitter mentions. In our example, we got 63 mentions for the last month only, 33 web mentions and 30 Twitter mentions.

socialpilot tool

However, this is just a general search as BrandMentions offer the possibility of highly filtering the mentions. BrandMentions tool allows you to filter your keyword in various way like you can see the mention in particular country in particular time and language. For instance, if we are interested for the India market only, we can get mentions coming from specified region only. If we are interested to see if there is content regarding our brand in some specific languages only, we can get this kind of data very fast and easy. Here Twitter mentions also helps you to analyze the tweets and you can build effective social media marketing strategies for your business.

brandmentions filter

You can add the proper value to each mention you visualize as each one is listed with an accurate and transparent performance score. This one is calculated based on the page’s domain authority and the total number of shares.

Also, for a better mention management, you can order your mentions by date, performance, social shares or re-tweets. With the help of our tool you don’t have to open each mention in new tab as this might be time consuming process. Each mention can be easily visualized, directly in tool, having highlighted the keywords of interest.

mention article view

Not only this but using BrandMentions tool you can also search your brand using different keyword match types. For example, if you want to search your brand with exact match keyword then you can able to do this or if you want to search 2 keywords combinations then BrandMentions also allows you to do this. In simple terms you can easily modify your search terms while using this tool. Check out below screenshot for better idea.

keyword filters

#2 Monitor your Competitors and Keep Up to Date with Your Niche

Monitoring your competitors allows you to get information about their activity from third parties, which very often completes the perspective you need to have for a solid marketing approach.

Finding the most “mentioned” player or getting an idea of what your niche is up to is quite a difficult task without having the proper tools. With BrandMentions you can see who is interested in products or services similar with yours in your niche but also monitoring your competitors.

Let’s suppose that we were interested in the “social media tools” niche. With a simple personalized niche we can find out who is writing about this kind of tools, what is writing and in what context.

We can get dozens of marketing strategy ideas just by taking a look at the mentions from the niche we are interested in. It’s essential to know what people in your domain are up to, whether their content marketing strategy is successful or not. Based on that, you can find a way to boost your marketing strategy, content strategy and social media strategy to boost target audience level.

social media tools

Let’s change the niche a bit and take a peek into the highly rated world of Michelin Star Restaurants. Let’s suppose that we were interested in the best player from out of these four Michelin Starred restaurants: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, The Fat Duck and The Waterside Inn.

competitor strategies

To measure each of this restaurant’s’ online popularity we used the BrandMentions tool to identify the exact number of mentions each brand has. Judging just by the number of mentions from the last month, as we see in the screenshot below, we can easily set the hierarchy and see who the big winner is.

#3 Stay Connected with your Brand 24/7

In a professional world every single person want to access most recent information as fast as possible, with the use of BrandMentions tool you can also set up the alerts depending on your needs and requirements to get updates via email. This tool also allows you to extract important and relevant data from the massive bilk of information which gives the competitive advantage to your work.

brandmentions alert

With BrandMentions, you can narrow down the alerts based on your needs and requirements so it could give you the best results which match your interests. You can set up the alerts notification for any brand or niche that might interest you on daily, weekly and monthly bases. One more interesting thing about this feature is that you can also set up the language and country requirement too with other alert criteria. You will receive mails directly to your Inbox with the mention brief that you’ve set. BrandMentions allow you to add as many alerts as you want or need.

Constant monitoring on your brand could provide you the idea about new strategies, marketing plans and many more thing which might boost your business and BrandMentions tool will be always there to support your business.

For the moment, the tool is offered for free


To stay ahead of your competitors, make sure you regularly monitor In-depth brand mentions audit report to avail efficient strategies for your business. There are many ways to boost your business but competitor research is important amongst it.

To remain in competition you have to make the best out of your image, you shouldn’t only focus what’s happening offline but also monitor your online presence too. Sometimes it happens that someone writes negative about your business and that might be your customer, media or any other blog. BrandMentions allows you to track every minor thing which grabs your attention very quickly and you can understand what is being said about your business and can take corrective measures.

Over to you!

How do you keep track on your online brand mention?

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