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Social media marketing is one of the most popular and useful medium to promote your brand online. It provides facility to understand your target audiences and their mind. Learn how to use social media effectively with different social media marketing techniques. You can also learn about different social media marketing tools and analysis report that guide you to measure your social media campaign effectiveness.

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Social Media Marketing as a Cogent Marketing Tool

Wikipedia defines social media marketing as "the process of gaining website traffic and attention through social media platforms". Social media in itself refers to...

Avoid Click Baiting Headlines or You Will Be Lost – Facebook...

You might have seen some Facebook post or updates with click-baiting titles and did not find them relevant when you click on the link...
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How to Edit Facebook Look Back Video

Facebook completed its glorious 10 years journey on 4th February, 2014. To celebrate this amazing moment, Facebook has revealed the look back video includes...
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Facebook Pages with Ratings and Reviews – New Feature

Yesterday when I was reviewing some places page over facebook, I came across this official Facebook page of Kerala Tourism. See below image and...