If you have observed on few popular Instagram account, big portion of the activities being done by social media marketing tools like Instagress. Such tools do few or all important activities like posting comments, sharing or like other user’s post without interacting with Instagram application. Due to such automated activities, sometime users get annoyed by having totally non relevant comments and obviously can affect the Instagram credibility. There is no harm in using such automation tools but if you use for spamming, it can also harm your brand. In this article we will share possible reasons for Insagress shut-down and will also share the best Instagress alternatives for you to try and test another tools to effectively use social media automation for your brand.

instagress service closed

Instagress Shut Down – Reasons and Alternatives

Yes, Instagress is no more providing their services and this is another shut-down after twitterfeed in such a short time. We first learned about this news on 21st April when we visited their website displaying message about discontinue of services because of Instagram. Biggest shock in social media industry as Instagress is one of the most popular tool for Instagram automation and there are very few alternative in market offering similar functionalities. Possible reason behind Instagress shutdown is still not clear but one major reason would be IP as it contain Insta word in their domain name and this could be the reason Instagram forced them to discontinue their services. In such case, InstaGress could have rename their brand and continue offering their services as closing down the business is not just the solution. Whatever is the reason, but being a customer; you will definitely require Instagress alternatives to continue your social media marketing activities. You should try below alternatives:

Instagress alternatives

There are many tools you can use as Instagress alternatives but our all time favorite and tested tools are:

  • BufferApp
  • Mass Planner (they stopped offering services)
  • Social Pilot
  • HootSuite
  • SocialHawk
  • InstaDub
  • SprouteSocial
  • Agora Pulse

[yellowbox]We also did detail comparison of popular social media software by studying their features and pricing. It will help you to choose the best Intagress alternatives to meet your requirement.[/yellowbox]

If you are currently using any of such tools and want us to do detailed analysis for the same. You may feel free to write us or post your comment below. Our editors will surely look into it.