MS Office is already equipped with auto spell correct, grammar and sentence correction feature but still, grammarly has its own benefits. If you are the one who use grammarly tool on regular bases, you must be looking for a way to use it with MS office as well. In this article you will learn how to use grammarly for MS office and enjoy the best combination.

The importance of correct English has drastically changed over the decades. In today’s world, a person’s personality is judged on the basis of English that is, if a person is fluent in speaking and writing English then there are more chances of success for him/her. Proper English is a must, whether it is school, college or you are working on social media marketing. Verbal English can only be improved by a lot of practice. The more you practice, the more you become fluent. There are many disadvantages of writing wrong English. You can lose your grade if you write wrong English in your assignment or Imagine writing wrong English on your resume! This can cost you losing a job and make you suffer in the long run. There is one software which can save you from these kinds of disasters and its name Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

grammarly for ms office

Grammarly is an app which is specially designed to assist people in writing error-free English; so now there is no need for you to depend on others while writing English. Grammarly has every feature you need, it checks potential Grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and style mistakes in writing and helps you in correcting them. It scans the whole document for any kind of English related error. There is one more feature which is not commonly found in other software that is, it checks for Plagiarism. This can definitely help you while you are also working as a customer support executive with a brand.

Grammarly add-in can easily be added to Microsoft office word and outlook. For Microsoft office word, it is very important to check the version of your operating system and Microsoft office before you download Grammary app. Grammarly supports: Microsoft office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and the operating systems supported are; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and all the parallels like Windows OS on a Mac computer.

Benefits of using Grammarly Add-in with MS Office:

There are many benefits of using Grammarly with MS office but these are few important benefits you must consider:

  • Grammarly can catch grammatical and sentence framing mistakes in the MS office (word or Outlook) which is ignore my default Microsoft spell and grammar checker.
  • It can scan the document and catch more than 250 types of advance grammatical mistakes
  • Grammarly can catches 10 times more mistakes than Microsoft office
  • You can easily correct the mistakes directly from the word document itself by just a single clicks.

We have already included detailed video about benefits of using Grammarly with MS office in below section of the article.

How to use Grammarly with MS Office?

After downloading Grammarly the steps which should be followed are:

    • First of all, open Grammarly and then click on the Grammarly tab in the right corner of the screen.
    • Click on the writing issues that you want Grammarly to check, you will get seven categories of check that you can scan your document with. Corrections can be made with one click on the alert card. You have an option of choosing from over 30 different kinds of documents in it.

The other settings can be managed in the setting tab, the Grammarly settings can be managed in the setting tab of the word. The options which are available under the setting option are:

    • View account information, change dictionary, profile settings, enable Grammarly for each new document, check for add-in updates in Grammarly and configure the proxy setting.
    • The very important point which should be kept in mind is that the UNDO option is disabled when Grammarly add-in is open but the UNDO option which is located above the alert cards can be used.

In case, the Grammarly tab does not appear then the following steps should be taken:

    • Firstly, open word and then click on Microsoft office button or file option.
    • Secondly, click the word options and on the Add-ins.
    • Thirdly, click on the view and manage Microsoft add-ins panel and then lastly, go to the Manage list and select COM and finally click on Go.

There are many perks of using Grammarly like it gives you the numerous number of options on one single platform, which is really hard to find somewhere else. It forces you to think before you write and even if you write wrong it corrects and tells you your mistake so that you can remember it and never repeat the same mistake in future. There is one very different feature in Grammarly that it sends you a professional proofreader you might have to pay for it but, if you are writing something very important then you can get a professional proofreader to cast an eye on your work so that you can be super sure about it.

In today’s competitive world where language plays a very important role, it is very easy to get lagged behind but only the ones who struggle and work hard succeed in the long run. Grammarly helps you on the way to your success by assisting you in each step. Grammarly can be a help to anyone out there especially the people who are working or the professionals because it helps in creating an error-free and impactful content in the given interval of time. This helps them to stand out from the others, as well written content is always appreciated. Also, the students from colleges and schools can be highly benefited as they won’t need to depend on others for their work. A lot of advantage could be taken and better results can also be created from Grammarly if a person knows the proper use of it.

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