Are you handling HR and Payroll of your organization, are you still doing it manually? this article is for you. HR and Payroll management is the important function of any organization and when you handle it manually, it takes up a lot of time and also there is a risk of human error. So, to save time and help the company make error-free paydays the HR and payroll software system are highly recommended.

Whether you are startup or running a big or small company, you need the best feature-rich HR payroll software that can helps you to manage automated payment as well as Taxes, salary deductions like PF, insurance and other important task without spending more time in calculations. The best thing is; majority of software are now running on cloud and helps you to manage online HR payroll while your team is working remotely.

As there are thousands of payroll management systems available in market, it is always difficult for you to choose the one for you. To make your job easier, here we have listed 4 best payroll software available in the market as per our initial findings. You can choose the one as per your requirements and budget.

Our list is divided into two parts, the first part will be about paid HR software and later part will talk about free and open source alternatives as everyone doesn’t have the budget to pay a premium for the Payroll Software in their company.

List of Paid Online HR Payroll Management Software:

This list will have a brief introduction of the payroll management software along with its pros and cons along with pricing. You can buy the one which meets your requirements and budget.

#1 Keka

This list is in-complete without Keka HR payroll software as it is one of the most trusted and startup friendly online SaaS product that will provide all necessary feature at highly competitive rates.

Keka is all in one online HR solution that offers you some of the best features like:

  • People data and analytics to take the data driven HR decisions
  • Payroll and expense tracking feature that allows you to timely generate automatic payroll and helps you to track the expenses online
  • Employee performance tracking and culture development
  • New employees on-boarding and hiring process

Keka offers 4 different plans based on size of the employees in your organization. You can choose one that best suited your needs.

#2 Deskera People

Another best and cheap online HR management software you can go for is – Deskera People. Actually, it is all in one software solution for any organization that offers:

  • Books management
  • CRM – complete CRM for organization
  • People – Online HR and payroll management software
  • and many more feature

As the tool is still under development, many of these feature are in beta and may not working as expected. But the Deskera team is working hard to improve them and I have seen the features are improving day by day.

#3 Gusto – The all in one payroll solution

The gusto topped this list because of its great security and top of the line features that makes it a general choice for most company’s payroll software.

It’s UI is very easy to understand so people don’t have to learn a lot. The key features which helped gusto become the top choice are Automatic Wage adjustment and Security.

This is best suited for small businesses because of its administrative capabilities.


  • Automated Payment
  • Nine step wizard
  • Faster processing if the data is basic
  • Integration with multiple accounting tools


  • No customer support on weekends
  • You have to download the reports to view them
  • No option for debit card payments


It offers a 30 day trial period. After that, the price is $39/month for the normal plan that goes up to $149/month for the Pro plan.


#4 Onpay Workforce Management

Onpay is an end-to-end payroll software through which you can also handle workforce tasks.

This payroll software is great for small to medium size businesses.

The stand out features of this software are 401(k) planning, Document Vault to save the documents in a secure way, robust integration with accounting apps like Xero, QuickBooks, Humanity and many others.


  • It lets the employees edit and update their own details so the HR department has fewer things to worry about.
  • Unlimited pay runs without any extra fees.
  • Multi tier-user password security to help at an organizational level.


  • No smartphone application
  • No support on weekends
  • Confusing to new users


The base price is $36 per month plus $4 per person.


#5 Sage – Cloud Payroll Software

This Cloud Payroll Software is without a doubt one of the best on this list and comes with a lot of pre-integrated stuff.

The feature set that makes it unique is its accuracy in payrolls and taxes and the very easy setup process.

It has highly customizable plans which can be used for any type of business size.


  • Highly Scalable
  • Robust integration with many other accounting software
  • Options to pay via business generated cheques, pay cards and direct deposits
  • Great authorization control


  • Cluttered and not very efficient dashboard
  • Not optimized for mobile devices
  • UI looks old


This has a starting price of $4.20(currently on sale otherwise $7) for 5 employees monthly.

Sage Payroll

#6 SurePayroll – Payroll service for Small business

SurePayroll is made for small businesses to help with taxes and payments.

There is no sure price but people who use it say it is the cheapest and great option for small businesses in the market right now.

This is known for its best in class customer support, flexibility and some of the best mobile application support in this list.


  • Great Mobile device support
  • Customizable and interactive dashboard
  • Support for multiple types of payrolls
  • Option to pay via direct transaction or Cheque


  • The UI is cluttered and hard for new user to understand
  • The cost has to be quoted by chatting with the team


The price starts at around $26 and with the link mentioned below, you can check the pricing and feature list to decide whether you need the professional version or not.


Free Payroll Software options:

Not every company has a monthly budget to spend on the payroll software.

Some companies don’t need all features, they just want a cost-free way to handle the payment.

For this reason, there are Free and OpenSource alternatives to everything.

Here we will talk in brief about Top 4 Free and OpenSource payroll software.

This list will have the top 4 free payroll software in brief.

To be on this list the software has to meet a few rules first.

It has to be completely free for unlimited time and it shouldn’t have any limit on the number of employees.

#7 TimeTrex Community Edition : Best free payroll software

TimeTrex has a community edition that offers fewer services but for completely free.

There are no limit on time or on employees and is completely free.

The payroll service falls under the free community edition and with Attendance management and HR management this topped the list.

Timetrex Community Edition

#8 Baraza HRM: Payroll software with HRM

Baraza HRM is a great software which is completely free and open source.

This is a perfect mix of Payroll and HR management, which ensures that all the processes is in the welfare of the employees.

It helps manage the salary scale of each employee and will even help you with retirement plans.


#9 Kredily : Free HRM and Payroll software in India

Kredily is an India based free payroll software that is free to use with all the basic features you would require while starting a company.

It provides HR management tools and Payroll with customizable leave schedules and holidays.

It is trusted by 3000+ companies and 100000+ employees. With the help of this powerful HRM tool you won’t have to shuffle around spreadsheets for everything.

There is a limit on the storage of the documents which can be solved easily using a file system integration.


#10 IceHRM: Opensource Payroll software and HRM

IceHRM is a an opensource software that offers a lite plan that is free and provides basic features.

It provides features like employee management, attendance tracking, travel management, staff directory, and weekly backups.

If needed you can update to the IceHRM cloud which is their premium service that adds a lot of features like leave and vacation management, daily backups, recruitment, insights, and payroll slip download.

There is also a self-hosted option that lets you be in control of your data.

You can learn more about them from the link below.



All businesses have their own requirement and hence the same payroll software will not work for all similar businesses. Here you must list down your requirement and budget first. Now checkout the payroll systems suggested here and choose atleast 2 out of these 10.

Now search for the actual customer reviews and also contact their support time to check the response time. You can choose the one based on your personal experience here.

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