Are you an Amazon merchant and not happy with the sales? Are you looking to boost your business revenue from Amazon? Well, there are 1000s of Amazon seller tools available in the market which can help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Product price comparison
  • Product data validation and optimization
  • Amazon FBA fees calculation
  • Inventory management
  • Product review tracking

If you are looking to use the given functionality, you will need tools designed for the purpose to boost your product sales and revenue from Amazon.

What is an Amazon Seller App?

Amazon Seller app is designed to manage an online Amazon store from your devices by creating product listings, monitoring sales and inventory, and responding to consumers. It is an artificial intelligence-oriented platform, which helps retailers and sellers maximize their business opportunities.

What Are the Benefits of Using Amazon Seller Tools?

There are several advantages of utilizing Amazon Seller software, which is mentioned below.

  • To get insights into inventory and sales figures.
  • Efficiency.
  • Automate complex business processes.
  • Getting information about marketing, product management, and keyword research.
  • You can monitor reviews from the customer and receive notifications.
  • Optimize the advertisement campaigns on Amazon
  • Increase rankings on Amazon search.

8 Best Tools/Software for Amazon Sellers

Spend some time on the internet looking for them; thousands will pop up, but which one to use? We did some search and tried the best tools which not only offer the specified features but also have competitive prices. Based on the data we received, below are the must-have apps and tools for Amazon sellers:

1. – Amazon Keyword Research Tool - Amazon Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool, as you know, is a free alternative to Google’s keyword planner. You don’t even have to register here to use it. This free keyword research tool comes up with more than 725 long-tail suggestions for every word you type in. Its designers claim it to be 98.9% credible and you can use it on the platform of your choice. YouTube, Bing, Google; the list is endless.

They have a dedicated Amazon keyword research section where you need to provide a key phrase of your choice. Once you enter the information, KeywordTool will come up with a list of key phrases along with some crucial data like search volume, trend, CPC, etc. This information will be helpful when you are working on writing product titles and descriptions and running Amazon ads.

2. SellerApp – All-in-One Amazon Seller App

SellerApp - Amazon seller app for PC

SellerApp is designed to aggregate analytical data about e-commerce and provides sellers with in-depth analysis through reports and tools to maximize their potential in the global marketplace.

Key features of SellerApp include product research, keyword research, competitor analysis, and monitoring. This caters to a leading analytics platform, which merges technology, data, and artificial intelligence to empower online entrepreneurs.

SellerApp Pricing:

  • FREEMIUM – $0
  • PRO-LITE – $39/month
  • Professional – $50/month

3. AMZScout – Amazon Product Research Tool

AMZScout - Best Free Amazon Seller Tool

AMZScout is an amazing application for sellers. It is designed to facilitate sellers to find products that are high in demand and keep track of sales on Amazon. It is also very useful to find the potential niche for Amazon sellers. This tool is reliable and user-friendly.

AMZScout is also used to keep a track of sellers’ profits and product research to boost your seller’s online business.

AMZScout Pricing: $49.99/month for Amazon Seller’s bundle

4. Pixelfy – Best URL Link Shortener & Tracker

Pixelfy is a link shortener particularly developed to help sellers on Amazon to monitor their marketing campaigns and strategies, which makes it easy to analyze the data to rank products on Amazon and grow their audience.

It facilitates sellers to get more sales through effective and personalized marketing campaigns and enables product information at the fingertips.

Pixelfy Pricing:

  • Professional: $ 19.99/month
  • Business: 49.99/month
  • Enterprise: $99.99/month

5. FBA Calculator for Amazon

Amazon FBA Calculator

The tool is a must-have for sellers wanting to quickly calculate their profits on Amazon. Creating a revenue stream on Amazon is a tough job. It requires in-depth research and great calculation. The tool does this for you. It checks prices, calculates costs, and adds up other variables. And you are able to streamline your marketing campaign accordingly.

If you are an Amazon FBA seller and looking for the best tool that helps in calculating Amazon fees, check out this tool now.

6. Helium10 – Best Amazon Seller Software

Helium 10 amazon seller tools

Healium10 is a feature-rich suite of tools that offers various features discussed below. It offers everything you need to succeed as a seller on Amazon. Designed for those developing new products, the tool helps you optimize your amazon product listings, calculate profits and get refunds.

Explore some of the best features of this tool:

  • Black Box helps you decide which product to sell. Here you can have a lot of data to study important metrics to take the decision.
  • Xray does market research and lets you determine the feasibility of your choice. With this feature, your market research job will be easier and will save your time.
  • Review Downloader helps you on your potential customers and outwits your competition.
  • Inventory Levels checks the inventory of your competitor. You can streamline your stocks in such a way as to outshine your rivals.

Apart from these, there are many other features available in this tool that require a separate detailed article for sure. Create an account on the website, choose your free plan, or pay for the monthly subscription as per your requirements. Their packages start from $97/month to $397/month.

7. Shopkeeper – Amazon Inventory Management Tool

Shopkeeper - Best Amazon Selling Tools

Shopkeeper is one of the most popular inventory monitoring tools you can use with Amazon. It can alert you the moment you make a new sale. Combine it with the dashboard widgets; it is ideal for those willing to tweak their marketing strategy as per the trends and seasons. The hijacker alerts help you secure your website and the inventory management tool streamlines your stocks.

Register on the website, see the subscription plans, and choose the one that works for you. As a beginner, you can receive up to 250 orders at a monthly fee of $20. The price increases along with the number of orders that you may receive.

8. Sellics – Best Amazon FBA Seller Software

sellics-Best Amazon FBA Seller Software

Sellics is a one-stop solution for all aspects of your business on Amazon. It monitors your PPC, helps you optimize your listings, and monitors your competition, and offers actionable insights. The name is a household name among Amazon sellers across the globe. And you too will do well to have it. They are offering monthly subscription fees but their plan is designed by considering your Amazon monthly sales.

9. Sellerlabs – Amazon FBA Tools

Sellerlabs - Amazon Seller Software

Seller Labs is a suite of software designed to help Amazon sellers. It helps you research keywords, monitor your profits, and analyze your competition. This is the best software to find products to sell on Amazon. This too offers a subscription plan with a startup package of $79 per month. Choose the one that works for you.

10. Bqool – Amazon Feedback & Review Tracking Software

Bqool - Amazon Feedback & Review Tracking Software

Bqool is a CRM software you will need as a seller on Amazon. It tracks your profit, automates your help desk, collects Amazon feedback, and helps you with re-pricing your products. The price depends on the number of services you choose. Join the website, evaluate the services available, determine your requirements and decide accordingly.

11. Blackbird Suite for Amazon Listing Optimization

BlackBird - Best Amazon Listing Optimization Tool

Blackbird suite is an all-in-marketing solution designed for sellers on Amazon. It spies on your competition, tracks your profits, helps you find new venues, and automates your customer reaction. Test the tool; go for a seven-day free trial. If it is good enough, you can go for the beginner and advanced as per your requirements. Price varies depending on the marketplaces available, the number of users, and the number of orders you can receive. It starts at $23 per month and ends at $77.


Tip to Remember

Tools can only boost the results of your efforts here. Do the following to get the maximum from the Amazon seller tools you have at your disposal.

1. Price Reasonably

Use the tools available at hand and spy on your competition to price your products accordingly. Make sure that you are calculating your expenses and the profits when doing it. There is always a chance you can make some extra sales by keeping your price competitive.

2. Become a Pro-Merchant Subscriber

A pro-merchant subscription on Amazon will cost you up to $39 per month. However, it gives you the additional features you need to succeed on Amazon. It lets you list as many items as you want, gives you enhanced reports on your performance, and lets you list unique items for sale. This subscription also lets you make as many transactions as you want without paying any additional charge.

3. Optimize Your Product Title / Description

Product title is the first thing that shoppers see; thus, it is a must that you optimize it to grab attention. You can follow the general formula; name, features, color, and type. This way, a potential buyer gets an idea of what you offer at a glance. You can also get benefited from the keywords that rank high on the website.

Also, optimize the product description with bullet points to highlight. It can help buyers to make a quick decisions.


Finally, be mindful of the website’s terms and conditions. You don’t want the company to take off your online store for violating rules. Stay alert, and tweak your products and strategies as per the trends; Amazon will reward you with millions!

Are you using any of this Amazon seller software for your business? you can share your experience in the comment below.


What is an Amazon Seller App?

Amazon Seller app is designed to manage an online Amazon store from your devices by creating product listings, monitoring sales and inventory, and responding to consumers.

What app do Amazon sellers use?

The Amazon Seller app helps you to manage order details, buyer-seller communication, fulfill orders, communication with clients, analyze sales growth, and update listings to simplify the process for sellers.

Which apps are best for Amazon sellers?

Here are 11 top Amazon seller apps that’ll help you to boost revenue from Amazon.
FBA Calculator
Blackbird Suite

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